WeSports Questions


WeSports is all about us being a voice for sports, generated by the people around us. There a plenty of sports topics that are debated at school lunch tables, family gatherings, neighborhood outings, and of course at the barber shop. We are blessed with this platform and we want to bring those conversations to life. With your participation, we will talk about topics you care about, sports issues you see in your neighborhood, and funny moments that are shared across your social media platforms. We encourage our followers to contribute to Phirst Contention by sending us (WE) some of the topics or issues you care about, then let us go to work!

Just remember, we are here for you. The sports debate show for the people, by the people.

Send us your #WeSports questions! We will use them on the show and give you a shout out! Also make sure you use the Hashtag #WeSports when talking about Phirst Contention!