Take a Stand!

There is no full episode this week, but we wanted to show two socially important videos.

In the wake of the loss of Muhammad Ali, we think about the impact that he had on his sport, but more importantly on the community. He was one of the rare athletes that was willing to risk his name and platform for what he believe was right. He did not shy away from the social injustices that he faced in America and spoke boldly for African American during the time. He is obviously the greatest boxer to grace the ring, but he his impact was felt around the world.

Also, at Stanford University, their is a rape case that is all in the news about Brock Turner, who was found raping a young woman by a dumpster and found guilty by the Jury, but the Judge only gave him 6 months.  The judge said that jail would destroy the young man and since he had a squeaky clean record so he decided to be lenient on the young man and give him a short sentence (even shorter with good behaviors. This is wrong on so many levels and we discuss this..



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