A change in Cleveland

As Lebron gears up for another title run in Cleveland, something just felt out of place. Unfortunately it came at the cost of a coach who was in over his head for his position within the team. Yes, he guided the Cavs to a Finals appearance, and yes they have the best record in the Eastern Conference right now, but David Blatt had to go, right?!

There were times in the Finals where people wondered what game plan Blatt was running, and from the looks of things, Lebron did not listen to Blatt very well when it comes to game plan management. Because of that disconnect with the best player in the world ( or maybe the second best player in the world right now), management made the decision to part ways with Blatt and promote Tyronn Lue.

Lue has a better rapport with the players, but the question will be can he help the Cavs get over the top and win the first Championship in Team History. We shall see, but for now let’s laugh at this situation whether Lebron had his hand in it or not.



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