A few NFL Updates

We know the playoffs are currently going on, but there are some other interesting topics to shed some light on in the NFL..


First, it is official that the St. Louis Rams are no more and they have officially become the Los Angeles Rams. Owner, Stan Kroneke was adamant about St. Louis not having great fans to support the team, which really struck a blow to the city. Not only did the Rams win their first championship and make it to back to back Superbowls in St. Louis, it could be argued that the “Greatest show on turf” is a direct result of the fans from St. Louis and the best years of the franchise.

Kroneke blatantly disrespected the city and has now taken the team back to Los Angeles, with the hopes of a better fan base and more success. As a person from St. Louis that is not a fan of the Rams, I say good luck, but as a representative of the city, the Rams leave a huge whole in a city that is already struggling finically. 

The San Diego Chargers may also join the Rams in LA and two teams would share the new stadium being built there. For now, they will play in the Coliseum that USC plays at. 

Also RGIII has spent his last day in Washington. What started off as a promising career in Washington ended so quickly, so what’s next for him. There is still a lot of good football left in him if he goes to the right situation.

The other thing to talk about is the discipline of players and how that can impact coaches jobs. We all saw how Adam “PacMan” Jones and Vontaze Burfict literally cost the Bengals their first playoff victory in years, and may just got their coach fired. This type of behavior is unpredictable with some players. But what can a coach do when they have a great player, that sometimes gets out of line? Some of the best players have a chip on their shoulder, but an undisciplined player can cost your team a lot.

But at the end of the day, who is responsible for keeping the peace?



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