Phinal Word Podcast – Athletes and Social Issues


There has been recent backlash about Lebron James not speaking out about the Tamir Rice case recently. The two officers involved, Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback, were not indicted on murdering the 12 year old after a video surfaced showing they did not give the boy a chance before they shot and killed him, even though the gun they thought he had was just a toy.

Since this incident was in Ohio, people have demanded that Lebron take a stand and sit out a game, thus the hashtag #NoJusticeNoLebron. But Lebron has been hesitant to make a move right now because he said he doesn’t have all the facts.

We talk about athletes roles in issues like these, because as you know, there are so many similar incidents occurring almost every month now and we just recently realized the power athletes have since the sit out from the Mizzou Football team. In this episode we talk about whether or not athletes can really make an impact on the social injustices going on in our society.

This is the Phinal Word

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