PHinal Word Podcast – Black Coaches in Football

What’s going on ladies and gents! Welcome to our first installment of our Phinal Word Podcast. In our podcast we are giving you an opportunity to listen to us throughout your busy day because we know it is not that easy to watch a video while you work. But you can definitely listen while you work!

For our first episode, we touched on a very sensitive subject. We are not trying to offend anyone but our podcast will be the opportunity for us to keep it real with all of you.

Let’s talk about it, there is an unequal opportunity barrier between minorities and whites when it comes to high power positions. In sports, this is true, but in life this is also true. If you don’t believe us, watch this short clip we found on youtube about this…

The simple fact is, black coaches are given less of an opportunity in a sport that is predominately dominated by blacks and minorities. It is time for us to shed some light on this. Welcome to the Phinal Word…

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