When does Trash Talking go too far?

We have talked about this topic before, but with the more recent episode between Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr, we wanted to reproach the topic.

Trash talking is something is apart of competition. You try to get under the other teams skin and add fuel to the competitive fire by talking a little trash. Some players are better than others, and some players can take it better than others. But there does come a time when trash talking can go a little too far.

We talked about how some players in the NBA have taken trash talking to another level (Kevin Garnett), but Josh Norman and the Carolina Panthers got under Odell Beckham’s skin during the Panthers vs Giants game and caused him to lose focus of the game and just attack Norman, which led to a suspesion for Beckham. The panthers brought bats to the game and targeted Beckham as well as using homosexual slurs towards him which cause him to react the way he did.

It seems that if players get personal in their trash talk, other players really do not appreciate it. Family has always been out of bounds in my experience and players feel the same. At the end of the day, nobody knows your personal life like you and your family so if a players tries to attack that, it can drive you crazy.

Trash talking can be fun to a certain extent, but some players just don’t know when to shut up or care to shut up…



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