S6E3: What’s BEEF?!?!?!

This episode is all about Beef! 

Beef is defined as : ‘a problem or grudge with someone.’

We themed this episode ‘Beef’ because of all the disputes going this week. Whether it was Derrick Fisher vs Matt Barnes, Derrick Rose vs Jimmy Butler, or Stephen A. Smith vs Kevin Durant, a lot of sports personalities were in their feelings throughout the week (including Marvin and Ty).

Well it is funny to see how the Beef plays out, and to choose a side. Amongst the beef going on with players, Tom Brady looks like he has beef with the NFL the way he is playing, and high school players have beef with the NCAA about being able to go pro early.

It is safe to say, there is plenty of meat to go around. However, the cows aren’t happy about this…

Got Beef?? Eat more chicken like Chick-Fil-a says

Video Segments for this episode:

Bonus: S/O to the Minnesota Lynx for winning the WNBA Championship. We predicted this was going to happen, and now they have 3 titles in 5 years. They are Minnesota’s best team at the moment.

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