Wells Report #DeflateGate

As the recent Wells Report came out, we have learned that Tom Brady did indeed talk to the ball boys in regards to inflating and deflating balls. The New England Patriots are getting hit with a $1M fine plus losses a 1st round draft pick in 2016 and a 4th round draft pick in 2017. Meanwhile, Tom Brady is being suspended for 4 games!!! Yes that is right, Tom Brady is getting suspended by Roger Goodell.

Though we do expect Brady to appeal the suspension and possibly get it reduced, it shows that the NFL is coming down harsh on players, especially after a year of really bad PR. Plus this is just another case of the New England Patriots finding a way to give themselves an advantage.

Well, what does this do to Tom Brady’s legacy. Despite that he deflated balls, they did beat the Colts pretty handily with a running attack, and he did win the Superbowl despite the controversy. Tom Brady is a great quarterback and has 4 Superbowls on his resume. But are they tainted now?



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