Welcome the bad guy

The Bad Guy is Back…

After being kicked out of the MLB for 162 games the “Bad Guy” Alex Rodriguez is making headlines again by passing up Willie Mays on the all-time homerun leader lists. In dramatic fashion, A-Rod belted 661 in the 3rd inning putting him 4th all-time on the homerun list. Remember not too long ago when the Alex admitted in using illegal substances and the Yankee fans hated him? Well he is probably their best hitter on the team now.

When the first allegation came out about if Rodriguez used substances to help his play, he denied it. When more evidence came out he blamed it on relative and then the truth came to light days after the World Series. Yankees fans cannot do anything but accepted that the “Bad Guy” is going to be around for a while. That is because he is still on the Yankees’ books for the next three years and is due over 60 million.

With one of the most decorated Yankees Derek Jeter retiring, the new face of the franchise is taking over. The most polarizing player in the MLB in the last 25 years might be the face of the MLB because of the lack star power the MLB is currently fielding. Leaving Seattle A-Rod was supposed to be Major League’s golden boy but instead his final days as a Yankee has turned into circus and national headline. Every good story needs a villain and Alex Rodriguez is defiantly must-see TV that rivals any reality TV show. So what is the next move by the “Bad Guy”, if I was him I would sell the story to Shonda Rhimes because only Olivia Pope can have a chance to clean up this image.

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