Troy Polamalu Retires

Troy Polamalu (The G.O.A.T) retires from the Steelers after 12 years. He is a definite first-ballot Hall of Fame player. His impact is limitless, and so is his hair. He his one of the greatest safety to ever play the game!

Polamalu was a monster of the field with his all-around game. Not only was he a ball hoc in the secondary, he was a superb tackler, an undersized linebacker, a blitzing kamikaze, and overall an unpredictable playmaker! Polamalu had offensive coordinators in nightmares trying to game plan for him, because they knew if they made one mistake, this guy could change the game.

8x Pro Bowler, 5x All-Pro selection, Defensive Player of the Year, and 2x Superbowl champion, his credentials and stats are great. But Polamalu is such an impactful player that it cannot be quantified by stats alone. Short in stature, but big in heart, this guy is leaving a great legacy on and off the field.






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