Indiana’s New Law

Indiana’s new religious law

The state of Indiana has always been a hotbed for controversy dating back to the beginning of the 1900’s. From Indiana’s Ku Klux Klan in the mid 1930’s to the present day of the Indiana religious law, the state has had several underlining issues of racism, discrimination, and prejudice embedded within the state. The latest bill passed circles around whether or not businesses have the right to do business with gay or lesbian couples based upon their religious views on sexual orientation and sexual preference.

Whether or not if you believe that a man should marry a man or a woman should marry a woman is topic for another debate but to discriminate on someone based upon those characteristics is the topic of this blog. An old saying goes “if you put lipstick over a pig it is still a pig”, to say that if you add a law or bill for a section of people to be discriminated on it is still discrimination. A number of high-ranking athletes have stepped out and voiced their disapproval of this bill including Charles Barkley and former Indiana Pacer Hall of Famer Reggie Miller.

Universities and Conference have stepped forward in the midst of the Final to say that we will not be traveling to the state of Indiana based upon this new Religious Freedom Bill. The University of Connecticut will not send any coaches to the Final Four based upon this law and the University of Duke fans have took a stand against the situations that is happening in Indiana as well.

Sports as a whole can be a platform where athletes can voice their opinion about social issues and the new age athlete have been doing so. Think about the several leaders who spoke out against Mike Brown and the injustices in Ferguson, Missouri within the last year or the George Zimmerman case previous years ago. Athletes have been talking about this issues and not worrying about their brand, sponsors, and public opinion which has been different from athletes in the past who have stayed neutral on social issues.

Indiana is the new platform for athletes to voice their opinion and it is refreshing to see them step up to the forefront.

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