The NCAA Tournament Brings Jubilation!

This is the best time of the year within the sports realm, everybody and everyone has a dream about having a perfect bracket (Good luck on ever achieving that). Either you are rooting for the small underdog team to become the next Cinderella story or urging goliaths to stomp the smaller teams. Whatever tickles your fancy about March Madness, it connects people with a common bond that are usually not connected.

Think about the special father and son moment at Georgia State between head coach Ron Hunter and his son RJ Hunter. After winning the Sun Belt Conference Championship, Ron had a little too much fun celebrating and tore his Achilles while jumping around. Limited in his mobility Ron was confined to his scooter but it did not take his spirit for the game and love for his son. Facing elimination to Baylor in round two, Georgia State went on an epic run the last five minutes of the game culminating in a game winning three by RJ. From the jubilation Ron fell out from his chair, hitting the ground, shouting with jeer. You can feel the deep bond between RJ and Ron, which caused every father and son to enjoy moments like this.

With Georgia State losing their next game to Xavier it was probably the last time father Ron would coach his son because of RJ’s likely status of turning pro this year. In the press conference overwhelmed with emotion, drops of tears came from Ron’s eyes as he continuous said “I’m proud of this guy and I love this guy.” Even though this was school that nobody from the outside was rooting for, everyone felt this story and brought a warm smile to your heart.

Now take a look at what RJ has to bring to the table for the next level from DraftExpress.

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