Updated Free Agency FRENZY

So let me get this right. Chip Kelly trades McCoy to the Bills for Alonzo to clear up cap space, but then signs Murray and Matthews to team up with Sproles in backfield. Huh?? If you are confused, so are we as this free agency period has been one interesting turn after another. The saga that is playing out in the city of Brotherly Love is the best reality TV show running today.

On one side of the spectrum you have a mastermind, an evil genius, a football guru who is either very smart. On the other side you have a coach that is either very crazy or egotistical believing his system is better than his players. Gone are the days of speedsters Maclin, Jackson and McCoy, only to usher in a new system, “The Chip Way”.

That’s not the only big news that is happening. The NFL’s bad guy Ndamukong Suh, is taking his talents to South Beach for a NFL record $114 million, most ever for a defensive player! The Dolphins will bolster a defensive line that could arguably be the best in the NFL. Brady and Belichick have ruled the AFC East, but their reign could be in trouble as “The Bad Guy” tries to unleash a Suh stomp on the “Golden Boy” Tom Brady. Among that news, DARRELLE REVIS returns home and brings his running mate back together in Cromartie to issue

Among other news in the AFC East, DARRELLE REVIS returns home to the New York Jets and brings his running mate Antonio Cromartie back with him to issue a NO FLY ZONE against the Pats, solidifying a solid secondary once again. And oh yea, there is a guy who is a very loud and energetic defensive wizard who will be in Buffalo this fall. Rex Ryan has changed colors, but not his mindset, BEAT THE PATRIOTS. The Bills were the 4th ranked defense in the league last year and hope to only cause more problems with Rex coaching the team. Then add in the fact that McCoy is now there, and recently Percy Harvin joined the team, they can be as explosive on offense as they should be on defense.

Let us not forget the media marketing hype machine down in the “Big D” known as Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. After putting up monster numbers last year, Dez and DeMarco were expecting big deals from the Cowboys. Instead, they got the bad end of the stick. During the week leading up to free agency, there was a mysterious video of Dez attacking a woman in 2011, a video that Walmart claims they don’t have. There has been speculation that this phantom information was leaked to devalue Dez’s market value in free agency and only franchising him.

If true it shows the ugly side of business within the NFL, the nature of the beast so to say. However, to add icing on the cake, the Cowboys did not re-sign the NFL’s rushing leader DeMarco Murray. They ran him into the ground last season with over 390 carries, and some say that contributed to their decision of letting him go. They are not sure how much he will have left in the tank. One of the reasons the Cowboys were successful is because they were able to lean on that running game and limit the amount of throws by Tony Romo. Now instead of investing in him for the future they let him walk to the NFL’s leading reality TV show and archrival Chip Kelly and the Eagles where they will meet twice a year! SMH…

These are just some of the changes going on during this free agency period in the NFL. We are sure there will be some more movement that shocks the NFL world as it continutes. The entertainment value of the NFL is on the rise, stay tuned for more episodes soon..



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