Dunk of the year!

What happened to Brandon Knight vs the Clippers was just "So Disrespectful!" Deandre Jordan embarrassed Knight when he tried to jump (for some reason) during the biggest alley-oop I have ever seen. Twitter exploded talking about Knight's death during the jam. So, in honor of Brandon Knight's baptism on Sunday night, check out these memes and our  dedicated episode of Phirst Contention..

41-294x300url 199062_620509304630330_1454052062_n BFE61ldCcAEIpcQ brandon-knight-deandre-jordan-meme-6 brandon-knight-mortal-kombat brandon-knight-parents KnightMeme


2 Comments on Dunk of the year!

  1. 1) Jordan dunked on a 6’3″ guy
    2) Knight was trying to intercept the lob pass, not defend the dunk


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