College Conference Shake Ups

If you didn’t know, Maryland and Rutgers are officially moving to the Big Ten in the 2014-2015 season.  In that year there, will be 14 teams in the Big Ten (or maybe more because they plan on acquiring 20 teams). This is another move in the college conferences that leaves us perplexed. I know that the moves are all about money, but in my opinion, it is getting out of hand.

If you don’t know all of the moves, don’t feel bad because it is becoming hard to keep track of. First the Big 12 fell apart as Colorado left for the Pac 10 and Nebraska left for the Big 10. Then the following year, Mizzou and Texas A&M left for the SEC, while TCU and West Virginia came to the Big 12. These moves all started when Texas started the Longhorn Network in their efforts to join the Pac-12. Now the Big 12 has just 10 teams, but they still may not be satisfied with that.

The ACC just recently announced they will be adding Notre Dame to their conference for everything but football. Notre Dame has been an independent school for a long time and now joins a conference for basketball. On the football side, they will play some ACC teams, but still remain independent to play their rivals like USC and Stanford.

The Big East is falling apart as well.  Rutgers just left and soon to follow suit will be Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC (and possibly UConn and Louisville). Supposedly coming to the Big East will be west coast teams Boise State and San Diego State, Houston, UCF, Memphis, and SMU. However, after the recent moves in the Big East, will these schools continue to go through with joining?

As Boise State and San Diego State want to leave the Mountain West Conference, Utah State and San Jose State will replace them (yes, they always wanted those teams!). Also, if you noticed, the only good schools Conference USA had are leaving. Now they are adding Louisiana Tech, UT-San Antonio, FIU, North Texas, and Old Dominion. Yea, they surely upgraded..

Maryland joins the Big Ten in 2014

Nebraska going to the Big Ten was weird, and now that they have grabbed Maryland and Rutgers, they just look desperate to replace Notre Dame that decided to go the ACC. The Big 10 has built it reputation by being a Midwest conference and capturing their geologic region, and for the most part so has the Big 12, SEC, ACC and Pac 12. Well that is not in play anymore as new college networks are trying to grab every opportunity to get money by branching out of the norm. And more moves by the BCS conferences are in the making.

Here are some moves that are happening down the line and some reasons why:

All this movement is crazy right! To me, it looks fun to do for the video game, but in real life, I think it is too much. Every conference is changing each year and it has become a ripple effect since the first move. Universities are money hungry and not really thinking about sports other than Football and Basketball ( the big money sports). It’s all about TV rights and advertising dollars. How far are they willing to go?

Pretty soon we will have super conferences full of 20 schools each. What does that do to the BCS?  Are all teams qualified for BCS bowls then? How will the playoff system work? The moment you start changing things conference wise, more problems begin to arise. I’m not sure what advantages or disadvantages will come from these changes, but as of now, I am not a fan.



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