Senseless in Seattle…

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, we had one of the worst calls of all time happen last night. After a ball that was clearly intercepted in the end zone, the refs made the decision to give Seattle the game winning touchdown with 0 seconds left on the clock. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life of playing and watching football. The referees were confused on what to do on the play as one ref was about to signal touchback (after an interception) and the other signaled touchdown before he could. Not only did they not make the right call, they reviewed it and still gave them the touchdown. In this picture above, you can clearly see that Golden Tate does not have possession of the ball, so I don't know what the refs were looking at. Granted, they should of just knocked the ball down instead of trying to catch it, but it was still so much wrong with the play. There was an immaculate reception in the Superbowl once, well this is the inaccurate reception!

These refs have been way over the top this weekend already. The calls they have made are ridiculous and you can clearly see they are lost out there. The NFL told them to have more confidence in their calls this week, and they have went to the extreme to call stuff that don’t make sense. The league also sent a memo to the coaches to back off the referees, but after the calls this weekend, it was really hard for them to just let it go. I mean you had Bill Belichick’s calm self running after the ref at the end of the Patriots vs Ravens game. A lot of the coaches are caught up in the referee craziness as fines will be handed out this week.

The play of the game is really embarrasing. It is a sad time to be an NFL fan because we are subjected to watch a poor product. The players are taking advantage of these refs and playing some illegal football down the field, and the player safety is definitely at risk. I feel bad for these refs because everyone hates them, but it isn’t their fault, it’s the NFL fault for putting them in this position. After the call last night, Twitter blew up going off on the refs, even the players have pitched in:

As a fan of the game, I am very disturbed about what just happened last night. Seattle is running around celebrating like they really won that game, knowing they clearly didn’t. I thought I was done talking about the replacement referees after my last article, The Replacements, but the debacle continues. Roger Goodell really needs to put a stop to this ASAP because it is affecting everybody. These refs are incompetent and need to go! I am almost to the point that I don’t want to watch the games no more until the real refs come back. What was said after the game last night by Steve Young and Trent Dilfer sums it up for me.

We as fans need to do something about this! Keep spreading the word that we are not happy with the NFL. Don’t watch all the games if you have to. Write personal letters to Rodger Goodell. Whatever you have to do, please do, because the game that we love is slowly dwindling..


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