Paying Tribute to Legends of the Game

Barry Sanders

If you are a gamer, you may have noticed the considerable effort for sports games to showcase some of the games greatest in today’s video games! Some of the worlds most popular sports gaming franchises have enabled modes for fans to play as some of the sports greatest legend athletes. After all, a lot of this generation’s sports fans and video game players don’t know much about past players except for hearing their name. Now video games give players opportunities to relive some of the greatest players of the past with the current players.

If you have watched any of Sports Center this week, you have noticed NFL legends stopping by everyday. That because these guys are out there marketing the new Madden 13 and the feature that it has to allow players to play as the greatest players in the past. EA sports is exploiting new ways to appeal to their players and this one seems like a hit. Maddens Connected Careers mode allows for players to recreate a legacy for some of the games great.  Now fans will have the opportunity to play as Barry Sanders or Joe Montana and face off against a Tom Brady or Adrian Peterson to see if they would be great in today’s era. What will happen if these players were able to play today? You can decide the outcome.

Photo courtesy of ESPN

Madden 13 isn’t the only game paying tribute to the greats, and in fact is second after NCAA 13 decided to add the feature to their game. They created the Heisman Challenge that allows players to play as a variety of 10 Heisman winners in the past and place them on any team they want. As you’ve probably seen the commercials, you can place someone like RGIII, Hershel Walker, or Desmond Howard on any team and create a new legacy. Its a new way to enjoy the game that football fans love to play.

In the new NHL 13, they are going to feature a mode that allows female hockey players, including Team USA star Angela Ruggiero and Team Canada star Hayley Wickenheiser, to be featured more. The game introduced female players in the last edition of the game and is looking to take it a step further. They also have a legends mode and this year’s game features new legends.

Another franchise taking notice is 2ksports. The buzz around this summer Olymics was about the USA basketball team stating that they could beat the 1992 dream team. The 2012 team went on to win the gold medal and put up numbers comparable to the 92 dream team, but we were faced with the fact that we will never see these two teams play against one another. Well NBA 2k13 is about to change all that. They already had input a few modes that allow you to finally play as legends in the previous two editions(Michael Jordan Legend Mode in 2k11 and The Greatest mode for 2k12), but now they take it a step further and will allow everyone to settle the argument by facing the Dream team against the current Re-deam Team. The 2K13 edition will give players the satisfaction of deciding which team is better. And what a better gift for the 20th Anniversary of the Dream Team. They are doing all this while not shying away from other legends of the game.

Photo courtesy of 2KSports

The only franchise that seems to be missing out on highlighting some of the games greatest is baseball. There is yet to be a baseball video game that allows you to play as the games great. Imagine a game that lets you be Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Nolan Ryan, and a young Ken Griffey Jr. That would be fun for baseball fans and may bring back the popularity of baseball games. They need to adopt this model quickly!

The video game experience is continuing to evolve and creating legend modes seems to appeal to every sports fan. After all, sports are all about comparing the current players to the greatest players in the past, and what better way to play out who is better than in a video game?


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