The Gift of Gab!

Gabby Douglas after winning gold in the Gymnastics Women's Individual All- Around, the First African America to do so (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

How many of you are proud of the young lady who not only became the first gymnast to win gold in both team and individual all around events, but became the first African American woman to dominate this event as well? I know that I am. Gabby Douglas, the 16 year old bright smiling girl overcame many obstacles to get to this point. Not only did she have to make sacrifices to be great, most notably moving from Virginia Beach to Iowa to train with the best, but she proved all her doubters wrong and stepped up on the big stage. Her trainer, Liang Chow, said she skyrocketed from an average member of the national team to the top member of the sport. Gabby was flawless on all her events in the Olympics and was the star of the show! Despite the fact that the two Russian girls (Viktoria Komova and “Miss Attitude Herself” Aliya Mustafina) were the favorites to win, this young “Flying Squirrel” stole the show!

For her parents, this has to be amazing. They sacrificed and gave their little girl, at age 14, to a family they did not know in order for her to live out her dream. Not knowing if it would pay off or not, they put all their faith in young Gabby, and to see it finally pay off has to feel rewarding! She told her mom the day of the all around event that it was a good day because it was raining. “When it rains, it’s God’s manifestation, a big day’s waiting to happen” she said. Their young girl may have just become the most influential black face in America now! That is big!

Being the only American to have gold medals in both the team competition and the all-around has to make Gabby proud. In fact after winning, she got calls from Obama and Oprah congratulating her!  Not only that, the whole Twittersphere is taking notice of her and congratulating her, including celebrities.  People are constantly talking about her nappy hair, but now that she has won, she will have the money to have it done right, ha! Be looking for her to have a nice hair due when she comes back in the 2016 games in Rio. She is an inspiration to young black girls all around the world and at this moment is on cloud 9. Congrats Gabby!



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