Penn State punished worse than the Death Penalty

The sanctions on Penn State have finally come out. Penn State loses about 40 scholarships in 4 year, are banned from bowls for 4 years, forfeit all wins from 1998-2011, have to pay $60M towards a charitable foundation for abused kids, and have have 5 year probation.  Added on to that, the Big Ten Conference placed the program on probation as well and stated that all proceeds from bowl revenue (an estimated $13M) will go directly to charitable foundations dedicated to the protection of children. The players on the team are granted the right to transfer to any team and be eligible to play so they aren't directly punished. The sanctions are very massive and will greatly impact the Penn State for years to come. And I am sure people are asking if this is worse than the death penalty, and in my opinion it is, Sanctions worse than 'death' because the program will be cripple for years.

I had a conversation with some friends on Facebook about the matter and I wanted to share this discussion with you all. The legacy of Penn State has been dismantled.

Me: Penn State loses about 40 scholarships in 4 year, are banned from bowls for 4 years, forfeit all wins from 1998-2011, have to pay $60M towards a charitable foundation for abused kids, have have 5 year probation. Is this worse than the death penalty???

Person 1: Not worse than dealing with sexual abuse and counseling for the rest of the victims lives…This was an institutionalized cover up…All the way up to the Board of Regents..program should be banned forever..way bigger than football.

Person 2: I agree, this is 100 times worse than what SMU did. Yeah, SMU paid gjys to play, they still gave them an education too tho. Gow many lives were ruined by Ol Jerry commiting the acts, and his good friend Jo Pa starting the cover up that reached all the way to the top? Kill the program. Never bring it back.

Me: Yea if I was a player or coach, I wouldn’t want to be at Penn State right now, I am leaving! I don’t want the name Penn State to be associated with me.

Person 3:  Yea thats ALOT of accomplishments and awards and everything ruined over one dumb decision…Its too harsh on the players who are completely innocent

Person 4: I feel like this penelty is too harsh! What sandusky did and the coverup that followed had nothin to do with the wins that those players earnd over the years! How does vacating wins and conferance championships make up for the what happen? Do you think the kids feel better that the school looses scholarships and wins?

Person 5: I don’t understand the vacating of wins, but I do agree with the other punishments. Vacating the wins is purely paperwork/records, and it can’t really erase the great athletic accomplishments that were performed on the field. This is a statement made to the sports world. Penn State leadership put football over ethics, morals, and legality. It’s a disgrace & will not be tolerated. These rulings are worse than the death penalty. They get to continue playing football, but the program will struggle to regain any kind of prominence for a long time. There will always be negativity with every down played. I would’ve preferred to just remove the football program from varsity competition for a few years, then start over clean.

Person 2: Removing the wins was a statement that needed to be made.

Person 1: So lets say you were a kid rapped… And it was during those years, they were getting accomplishments for a sport where you were rapped INSIDE the exact locations, locker rooms and showers it went down. And then on top of that, the same exact school and program that HIDE your rape got awards for basically being great at some SPORT.. Just wouldn’t sit with me well. NCAA is saying to those young men and now adults, that THOSE little teeny weeny 111 wins are nothing compared to what the kids went through. I bet if people were the victims or parents of the victims you would feel different. Sometimes we need to use an existential view and see it from others view. The NCAA is basically saying its is BIGGER that football..Those records are for a SPORT, there turmoil is for LIFE..eff some damn records on a touchdown, what about the tarnished relationships these kids will have with men in the future..These young men might also continue the cycle and rape kids themselves..this is soo much bigger than a 89 yard Kickoff return..ugh..makes me sick..It’s a bloody sport…and not only that but this kids were underprivileged, youth that NEEDED HELP, and instead the University led them in the hands of a monster..A monster that had keys even after he was caught.. Forget a damn field goal percentage..

Person 5: I see your point. Since they didn’t give the death penalty by removing the program for a few years, just remove all records of success while they covered up the scandal. Fine with me! I have no sympathy for the program.

Person 1: I personally feel the program should be gone.. I mean the board of regents hid it..that’s the worse part..execs and Admin thought their POWERFUL program was bigger than some victims..I wish they would of lost football forever..

Me: Yea I agree, but from listening to the Executive members of the NCAA, they said that just getting rid of the program wouldn’t do enough. They basically dismantled the program for many years to come and are forming a foundation to remember the victims and the malicious acts that occurred by forcing the university to pay $60M towards the charity for raped victims. To me that is the most important part because it takes all the money that would be made from football away from them and puts it towards something that could lead to healing for some victims. The football program will be done tho, cuz I guarantee players will not be going to this school anymore.

Person 6: Im happy to see your side Steve since you played ball for big 10 NCAA school – they said 60 million is only 1 year of revenue! I hope PSU adds their own sanctions and develops an on going fund or something.. sad..

Person 4: I don’t think the kids care about the wins or the records!… Was the money not enough? What about the players who were doing the right thing who EARNED those wins and records? Is that just collateral damage? Its just a sport they didn’t put work in they didn’t sacrifice for those accomplishments! This scandal is terrible but you don’t need to punish the people who were doing the right thing? They weren’t cheating! So why does this have a similar punishment as the teams who cheated? There is a different way to punish the university vacating wins isn’t it, but that’s just my opinion!

Person 1: Uhh the kids won’t see any of that $$- the fund will ESTABLISH programs in the future for sexual abuse victims

Me: Person 4, I feel you but to me, the players know what they accomplished on the field and taking it away on paper doesn’t change that for them. I look at that like when Reggie Bush got stripped of his Hiesman trophy, no matter that it got token away, everybody knows that in that year, Bush was the best player on the field, even Vince Young. Those players will have the memories for years, but by taking the records away, it puts validation to fact that those records don’t matter to the NCAA. Joe Pa should not be associated with the most wins and best coach talk anymore after this cover up. It goes deeper than football and I think the players will understand that. Plus they are allowing players to transfer and play immediately and that is big for the kids so that they are not punished by association.

Person 4: I see your point! question tho… are humans infallible? It was a gross mistake but humans make mistakes does Jo Pa’s mistake have anything to do with his coaching ability? (Just a question I dont have a problem with him losing the wins).

Me: It is not related to his coaching ability but it is related to the football program. Because of the football program, all of this was allowed to happen. Sandusky brought kids to the university using the football programs name and facilities. A childrens group was started by Sandusky using the football programs name. Kids we allowed to travel with the program. So the entire insititution is at fault and it starts with the football program as a whole.

Person 1: and Joe Pa didn’t lose anything besides a statue and some HALO over his head in a painting.. this was a coverup of a FOUNDATION with institutionalized rape ran and covered up by the program. It’s so much bigger than some 111 wins. The idea that THEY thought they could sweep it under the rug is why the lost some silly titles..I mean really, I have no idea where my ACT score paperwork is, but I sure remember the number. Who cares about some wins, it’s a sport! Who cares about future scholarships..get an academic one than!

Person 5: Paterno’s mistakes do not have anything to do with his technical football coaching ability, but it has everything to do with his character as a leader of men and even women. Aside from his victories, he was considered one of the top 3 most powerful people at the University. He was powerful enough to initiate and manage the cover-up for more than a decade. I’m still on the fence about the vacating of victories, but I fully understand the reasons behind it. The academic prowess of Penn State lives on, which should always be the main focus.

Now I want to know what are your thoughts on this situation. Is this worse than the death penalty? Are the sanctions too harsh or not enough? In my opinion, this program is done! What do you think? Please jump into this discussion.



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