College Football Playoff

The BCS has been the topic of many arguments during the NCAA football season. Teams steadily get snubbed at the end of the season in the national championship selection. So often so that we see rematches of regular season games in the title game (for example Alabama vs LSU from last year). Not to say that these teams did not deserve to face off again as the #1 and #2 teams in the nation, but what about the other teams that deserved a shot and had the same record of the top two teams. Those teams are robbed of a chance to win a national championship and forced to play in another BCS game, sometimes against At Large teams that are not on the same level of them. This is why we get a lot of unbalanced match ups during the bowl season. The cry for playoff system has been ongoing for years now and are long overdue. Now the BCS has finally decided to implement a playoff system to give teams a chance to battle for the national championship. Starting in 2014 going through 2025, there will be a 4 team playoff of the top 4 teams in the nation decided by a BCS selection committee. These teams will have semifinal games held in a rotation of 6 current bowls and the national championship (held at a neutral site) will be awarded to the highest bidder.

This has been a long time coming and I feel it will be good for college football. This system will extend the college bowl season to another week. The semifinals either will be played on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, and the national title game will be played on “Championship Monday,” the first Monday in January that is six or more days after the final semifinal game is played. Now instead of discussing who the real national champion is, they can playoff to determine the best team. If you look at last year, LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State, and Stanford (or Wisconsin) would have got the chance to have a playoff to reach the national championship. In this way, you will have better games and the best match up in the National championship. As much as people wanted the LSU vs Alabama match up, it would have been nice to see a new match up like LSU faceoff against Oklahoma State. Now the selection of the top 4 teams will create a whole new argument as to what teams deserve that shot. Will Boise State finally get a chance to play in the National Championship? Do the conference champions of the top BCS conferences deserve the bid as the top 4 teams? Why just 4 teams, how about 16 teams? What happens for undefeated teams in small conferences? These are all valid question, but hey, at least they are taking a step in the right direction. I have no idea how these top teams will be chosen but maybe the smaller amount is better,  a “Final Four” of football.  These next 12 years after 2014 will tell us the best way to move forward in NCAA football for years to come.

BCS Know How

Being a former collegiate football player, I have to say that I am a fan of this system. Too many teams don’t get the chance to play for a title that I thought deserved a shot (particularly Boise State) and just naming the top teams off a computer system has always seemed bias to me. I know for a fact that players will be excited about this given that fact that you can extend the bowl season and really determine who is the best of the best for that season. We would see less rematches and more intriguing match ups. Steering away from a complete playoff system like March Madness may have been the best decision to keep the bowl season intact. Teams will still play to get to the bowl games (which is the highlight of the season) and now top teams will have a fair share to reach the title game. Thank you college football for finally getting it right! I pose this question to all former and current college football players, “What do you think about this 4-team playoff system?”

Here is a video of the coaches reacting to the 4-team playoff:


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  1. jumpingpolarbear // June 27, 2012 at 5:32 pm // Reply

    I think it will be great! Maybe expand to 8 after a while.

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