The Rajing Rondo!

Rajon Rondo I have been in debates lately discussing whether or not Rajon Rondo is a top 5 PG in the NBA. My answer has been undoubtedly yes! Of course the main flaw to Rondo's game is that he cannot shoot, (which is crazy because you are in the NBA so you should be able to shoot) but he does everything else for his team and is such an impactful player. When you watch him play, you will always be entertained because he makes some amazing plays and passes. His patience and court vision is something all point guards should have. His game is always fast paced and unselfish, getting everyone involved. And he has got to be the most conditioned PG in the league.

Rondo no doubt makes his teammates better and knows how to get each teammate going in the game. Other than Chris Paul, Rondo is the best passer in the game right now. He has averaged over 11 assist per game the last two years. He makes remarkable passes in very tight windows to set his teammates up for a basket. His basketball IQ is very high and he knows the situation of the game to make smart plays. Doc Rivers deserves a lot of credit for molding him into the player that he is today.  When he came into the league, he was a project with a bad attitude. Shortly after he figured it out and Boston won a championship. Ever since then, he has been on a tear to show he should be mentioned among the top PGs in the league. He has been an all defensive player since stepping into the league; making timely steals and being the best rebounding guard in the game. He has become a walking triple double and the best player on the Celtics team. I guarantee if he wasn’t playing Boston would not get as far in the season and the playoffs.

Running the Offense Rondo

Rondo – Bleacher Report

Now I know there are a lot of critics who believe that Rondo is not a top guard because he can’t shoot, which is a relevant argument because really no one respects his shot in the NBA and almost always lets him shoot. But he actually has a decent jump shot when he is playing with confidence. It is definitely something that he needs to work on, but once he has confidence in his shot, he starts knocking them down. To the critics I say he can still create his own shot off the dribble and can get to the bucket and create like the best of them.

If Rondo had a consistent jump shot like he showed in game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals ( he scored 44 points with 10 assist and 8 rebounds), he would be the best PG in the league, hands down.  He is the total package as far a point guard goes. To me, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, and Rondo are the purest point guards in the league. Chris Paul is the best because he can do it all, and is a top scorer. And I would say the top 5 PGs overall are (in this order) Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, and Tony Parker/ Steve Nash. Rondo has an edge of Derrick Rose in that he is more of a PG than Rose is because Rose is a scorer. He has an edge over Tony Parker because of the passes that he makes are better than what Tony Parker does. Steve Nash is past his prime but is still playing at a high level, but is not as impactful as he used to be in MVP form. Russell Westbrook is not on this list because to me he is a SG stuck in a PG body and if Durant and Harden wasn’t around, he wouldn’t pass the ball at all.  Rondo can compete with them all and definitely deserves to be in the conversation. I don’t really care for Boston as a team but I enjoy watching Rondo play! And to think that Boston almost traded him away is bizarre to me..

Here are some Rondo highlights for all the haters! Also look at the related articles for more recognition for the Rajing Rondo!


2 Comments on The Rajing Rondo!

  1. Good article. You are probably aware that I am a Celtics fan. Rondo is a top-5 PG and anyone who says otherwise hasn’t been watching basketball correctly.

    Heard this during one of the games and I think it speaks volumes about Rondo:
    before the season tipped off, Doc had a meeting with the Big 3 and Rondo. asked how far the team would be able to go and Garnett (?) said as far as he’ll [Rondo] take them.

    The Celtics are Rondo’s team now.

  2. You are correct my good sir! This is Rondo’s team!


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