Building a Team

Building a team in today's NBA is really difficult. With the "Dream Teams" forming in the NBA, it has a feel that having and equal team won't get you far. However, if you look at these star filed teams, it is hard for them to play with each other to win. The reason that teaming up worked with Boston is because, each player had a different role. Paul Pierce is the the playmaker, Kevin Garnett is the Big Man down low, and Ray Allen is the spot up shooter. Their games do not get in each others way and thus they play well together. Teams now a day just go for the name rather the type of player to build the team. And I blame the Heat for this!

If you look at the Heat, Lebron and D-Wade’s game are so similar that they have difficulty decided who to close the game with, thus they struggle in the 4th quarter. The Knicks also have similar players in Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stodumire and when they are on the court together, there is a lot of standing around and Stodumire looks lost. Can Monte Ellis and Brandon Jennings game compliment each other because they are really the same player? What happens if Dwight Howard and Deron Williams team up in Dallas with Dirk? But really when I say a Dream Team, I am talking about the Heat, who everyone expects to win every year now, which forces teams to make irrational decisions to improve their team to compete. The simple fact is that you have to have pieces on your team that compliment each other.

In the midst of the Heat losing Bosh, they are being exposed by a Pacers team who has built their team the right way. Larry Bird got executive of the year for his moves to improve his franchise. If you look at the Pacers year by year, they have been improving their team with players that compliment each other and play team ball. The Philadelphia 76ers have done the same, building a legitimate roster with players that compliment each other and share the ball and communicate on defense. And don’t forget the Denver Nuggets. I can say without regret that they are a far better team without Carmelo Anthony. They now play with speed and together and have a roster full of players that can contribute. For a coach, these teams are the best to coach because the players listen to what you say and respond to the coaching. A team full of superstars and egos will barely give the coach any credit for a win or listen to what they have to say.

The playoff games this year are still interesting despite the consensus that people believe OKC and Miami will meet in the finals. The Pacers are playing great and could upset the Heat without Bosh. OKC is making the Lakers look old. The Spurs and Celtics are making old look young by beating younger and more explosive teams so far. Now something that will surprise everyone is if Boston met the Spurs in the Finals, which is highly possible and would be entertaining ( I love seeing Kevin Garnett play against Tim Duncan). Both teams have superstars on their team and may be looked at as old, but they still have players the compliment one another and thats why they pull off wins. Veteran smart play and everyone knows their role! But if this Finals would happen, the spotlight would not be on the Spurs and Celtics, but more on how the Heat did and Thunder did not live up to the hype again this year.

I must say that I wish the NBA did have more teams like the Pacers, 76ers, and Nuggets. Teams full of young talent that play together so that on any given season, you do not know who will win the NBA Championship. As much as I want to see Miami vs OKC in the finals, you have to admit that predicting this future is very easy considering the talent on their team. I just think that if teams were filled with less Allstars and more role players, that the competition would be interesting. Of course you will have superstars on a team, but I think it should be like it used to be with just one per team and I believe commissioner David Stern agrees. You do need stars to win championships, I agree with that, but not a team full of stars. Build around a star player and find players that compliment him so that they can play together. Stern want the NBA to be more competitive and building super-teams will not help that. This change will give teams like Memphis, LA Clippers, Pacers, 76ers, etc a better chance to compete in the future because right now they are just playing just to be playing in most people’s eyes.


3 Comments on Building a Team

  1. Ryan Gruntorad // May 29, 2012 at 9:41 am // Reply

    I think this article is 100% true. I believe to have a successful team in the NBA today, your team has to be balanced with players who can compliment each other. The Heat are a great example of a team that is not put together well. They have 3 superstars, with other below average talent. Spending all your money on the “big 3” doesn’t allow for above average role players.

    The Pacers on the other hand show us that having a team full of above average role players with a semi superstar in Granger, Collisen, or Hibbert can be very successful and set your team up for winning deep in the season.

  2. There’s a difference between a successful team and a championship team in my mind. To have a successful team you need to make the playoffs and in all likelihood win a series in the playoffs. This can be done with above average players who play together as a team. In order to be a championship team you need to have an elite player or two (NBA all-star) and a superstar player (MVP caliber) on your roster. The example of the Pacers is great, they are a very solid team who I love to watch however their chances of winning a title are very small.

  3. I agree, a superstar will get you over the top in the majority of scenarios, but had it not been for a team like the Miami Heat, a team like the Pacers and 76ers would have a legitimate chance to win a title each year. But honestly it is hard to compete when the other team has 3 top players. Not to say that I am making excuses for them, but the fact remains that if Lebron would have stayed in Cleveland, the East would be more open as to who would make it to the NBA championship. But now, the Heat are penciled in to be in the championship game for the next 5 years or so until a team gets enough talent on their team to compete..

    If you can build a team that has legitimate starters and a great bench, you can surprise a superstar filled team by beating their bench but it still will be hard to overcome them in a 7 game series. As much as I would like to see the Pacers get past the Heat, I don’t believe they can when Lebron and D-Wade turn on the superstar meter, which is unfortunate for them.


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