Concussions leading to suing

The NFL now a days is drastically more physical than it was in the past. With players getting bigger and stronger each year, the concussion dynamic will continue to grow. This is why Roger Goodell goes to drastic measures to insure player safety. Below is a video of some former players and their feelings about concussions and why they are suing the NFL.  Sure a lot of people may not agree with his methods and think that he is killing the game, but with an impending lawsuit and more and more concussions happening each year, he is thinking about the livelihood of the NFL. These concussions, if not treated right, can lead to many problems in the brain. It even may lead to depression. I hate to say this, but maybe Junior Seau (may he Rest In Peace) was going through depression from effects of many concussions. These things are nothing to play with! I have a bad feeling that in a few years, someone may just die on the football field, God forbid, from a head to head hit. As much as I love football and violence that it brings, it is still scary to think of the effects a concussion can bring to you. But hey, that is what you sign up for when you play the game right... There is more..

Of course you have people who disagree with the notion of concussions making the game unsafe and a risk to play. But what do you tell your children who want to play the game. Are you not going to give them the chance to play just because you are scared of the outcome? Will you take away their dream if that is what they choose to do? Some former athletes don’t agree with what former NFL QB Kurt Warner said over the weekend that he is afraid for his sons that want to play football and is thinking about pulling them out. Football is changing.. What is your take on this?


3 Comments on Concussions leading to suing

  1. sanclementejedi // May 9, 2012 at 1:00 pm // Reply

    Hey Steve, I have been tossing around this very topic in my head. Football is a violent sport and I don’t think pro players are ignorant of the risks they take going into the league. Lets face it you are pretty likely to get injured and shorten your life span. In trade you get paid lots of cash and are idolized by millions. It’s a trade off your more likely to get killed or maimed in the military and you won’t be making tons of cash. I don’t really see suing the league for something you are aware of going in.

    • I agree with what you said, but they are going at the NFL not because they got concussions, but because they were not taken care of post football as far as the brain damage they sustained. I am sure that the Military has programs and benefits for former troops after they leave the military with problems. It is weird that they would even fault the NFL for something that they signed up for, however, they are going through a lot more than what they expected post concussion. And in the past, they really did not know how to treat these injuries or didn’t care to because of the culture of the game. Really its a lose lose situation for the NFL and the players in my eyes.

  2. In Australia they just had a story on sports concussions on a well respected news show Four Corners, You may be able watch it through the ABC website, Go to the iview link under TV.


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