Leaving Early

NCAA March Madness is the only portion of college basketball that is a world wide phenomena. People start tuning into college basketball then, mostly because of gambling reasons, but also because that's when you see the best competition. It is safe to say that college basketball can be more exciting than the NBA because of the defense and team play that is apart of the college atmosphere. However, the buzz around college basketball isn't the same. Like I said, people only watch for March Madness now. But there was a point in time that people watched the regular season games as well with excitement. College basketball has taken a fall from those days, mostly because of the top players going pro. The fact that recently, top players didn't have to even go to college to go to the NBA, and now that you only are required to go for one year, really hurts college basketball and the NBA in my eyes. Not only is it hard for the schools but has to be even harder for the coaches. The players are in a rush to become the NBA superstar and get the money and dream they have been waiting for.

Look at Austin Rivers from Duke. Yea he has good lineage with his father and some nice skills, but I don’t see him being NBA ready yet and believe he should of chose to stay in school instead of declaring to leave after on year. And Mike Krzyweski is one of the best coaches in America for preparing you for the next level in life and in basketball. Two years in a row now Coach Krzyzewski  has lost his starting point guards as freshmen declaring for the NBA.

(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
Austin Rives to Leave Early

College basketball coaches have to go out and recruit players every year and make decisions on who they recruit base on they talent they have and with the chance that they may only have that player for one year if they turn out to be good.  No longer do they recruit players to help build the program, they recruit to win now! NCAA Basketball analyst Jay Bilas said today it is hard for  the coaches because “they have to have talent to win, but there is a threat that talent will leave.” This is why I am amazed at coaches like John Calipari of Kentucky, Roy Williams of North Carolina, and Rick Pitino of Louisville who always have great programs after half of their players leave after the first year. It has to be hard to stay relevant.

In my eyes, the college football system of being in college for at least 3 years is a great system. Not only does it give the players the opportunity to grow with their team and as a player, it gives them a chance to enjoy college. College years are some of the best years of your life and it is a transitional period to get ready for the real world. I believe everyone should relish the opportunity to learn and grow in college. You don’t get those years back. Spending time with teammates, going on trips, working hard in the off season, playing in big games are all memories that you will hold with you for the rest of your life so you wouldn’t want to miss that, would you? A wise man once told me, “the league isn’t going anywhere, so while you are here, make sure you are taking advantage of every opportunity you have at this university!” If the players were required to be in college at least 3 years, the college basketball game would benefit and so would the players.

Staying for 3 years could help programs build dynasties by trying to win back to back national championships. It would be like the days when UNLV took college basketball by storm in the beginning of the 90’s. Or when the Fab 5 changed the way college basketball was played. Stories like that don’t exist anymore. What I am trying to say is that it would be exciting again. You would see more recruits going to teams to try to win multiple titles like they do in college football. Charles Barkley has said that players leaving after one year of college ball is “killing the NBA.”

Mark Cuban is not even a fan: Check this article out!

I know that there are a lot of talented players coming out now, and I am not trying to take anything away from them and their ability to play in the NBA. However, I just believe they should stay and enjoy the college experience a little longer. I know the money can be very tempting and you can learn from NBA coaches, but keep in mind that you a just a small fish in a huge ocean. If your not mature enough to learn from veterans and coaches, you will fold in the league. Just as an example, look at Greg Oden’s situation. He left with all the hype in the world, but in reality he wasn’t ready for the the NBA physically and mentally. Not everyone turns out like Derrick Rose or Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. What most young people don’t know is that Michael Jordan stayed in college for 3 years before he left. So if the best player in the game decided to stay in college and enjoy it, why can’t these new breed of players do the same?

What are your thoughts on this?



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