Bounties Will Kill the Game

Mark Humphrey - AP

With the crazy reveal of the NFL Bounties, it is hard to image if football will ever be the same. Roger Goodell is already hard pressed to try to clean up the game and secure more safety options for players, and now it feels like all the big hits in football, which is a main reason a lot of people watch the game, are going to become punishable by the league and the game will become soft.  Don't get me wrong, I am concerned about concussions as much as the next person, however, it is part of the game. Football is meant to be a physical sport, and with that, people will get hurt.  Back in the day, the football players were rough and gritty, so if that's the foundation that was laid before, there is no sense in changing it. Technology is advancing as well to prevent major injuries, but to be quite frank with the size and strength of today's athletes, there is no way around this intense physical play. So I understand Roger Goodell wanting to make changes to the game, but for the players it will be hard to play with less of an edge to take someones head off. And now with the whole bounty situation ( which I am not a big fan of), Goodell will come down hard on the NFL and I expect the play of the game to get even worse...

Big Hits are part of the game. It is what excites fans and players of the games. I mean you wear pads for a reason, to protect yourself! And when I was playing, I was always told to keep my head on a swivel because people are looking to knock you out.  Learn to protect yourself.  You never want to see someone get seriously hurt but you do wanna see them get knocked out.  And with the speed and strength of today’s players, it must be hard for them to resist to go out there and try to knock someone out.

Check this Link Video out of Mike Ditka’s Opinion on the Bounties

I am not going to lie, taking incentives for going out and completing plays happens at all levels. However, taking an incentive to go out and intentionally hurt someone is wrong! That is not how the game should be played and in my opinion it is sends a bad message to the fans and players of the game. Football is a physical sport and at times you cannot help when people get hurt playing the game. Like I said, big hits happen but there is a big difference from wanting to hit someone and wanting to intentionally knock someone out. Going into a game wanting injure someone for some extra money is the wrong kind of motivation to play this game.

The punishment for these bounties will be harsh and it will effect the way the game is played.  Looking back on it, I can see how true it was in New Orleans when they threw a cheap shot  at Kurt Warner to knock him out the game and were intentionally dirty hitting Bret Favre in the playoffs. I understand that the bigger a player hits the opposing team, the more intimidating a player is to the opposing team.  Take Ray Lewis compared to Teddy Bruschi for example. The opposing RB is more afraid of Ray Lewis than he would be of Bruschi because Ray Lewis is gonna hit him instead of just tackle. And that is all fine, however, that is just the way Ray Lewis plays, he is not going out the with the intent to cheap shot you and intentionally hurt. Sure he wants to knock your head off but within the parameters of the game, which is a HUGE difference.

What is your stand on this situation?



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