Getting ready for the next level

Preparing for the NFL is a tremendous task. No other sport analyzes every of inch your body and athletic ability. Everything from your height and weight, to hand size, to arm length, to feet size, to shoulder width, to physical stature is measure by the NFL. They test how fast you run, how high you can jump, how strong you are, and your explosiveness. All these measurable are evaluated by the scouts and GM's of teams, that it seems sometimes that they miss the most important aspects about these players.

The “heart” of players cannot be measured.  The numbers show something, but the will of that player does not show at times until game time. Also, the players college career and the plays that they made seems to be the last factor that is looked at. This is unfortunate because a lot of good players get overlooked because they are not the biggest or fastest in their position, however they may have the best skill set. To me, the 40 yard dash and Vertical test and every other test does not correlate to football.  The drills are the best part of the combine and pro days. That is when you can see the actual football skills of these players. They should maybe run them through a NFL practice, that would be a better measurable. But the fact is, the test are the most important measurables so the prospects have to train that much harder to perform the best numbers they can.

So how do you get prepared for the Combine or a Pro Day? These players have to get the right agent to give them the best opportunity to get noticed. Find a training facility that will help them get faster and stronger within 2 months. The training at the facilities are like 2 a day practices; 2 sessions of workouts a day and then sessions for the mind (film, interview building, advertising).  Agents are out there getting their film noticed and talking to scouts about them while they work their but off at the training facility. They have to be so focused to push their bodies to the max for 2 months to put out the best numbers. No other time in the NFL, or their life for that, will they have to work so hard to attain great numbers in their speed, vertical, and bench press. So basically, their livelihood depends on these 4 day drills at the combine in the NFL. It is crazy but it is true.

With that being said, it is still an exciting time to observe some of the best talent in college football being evaluated by the NFL. Comparing their measurables against the other top athletes.  In the NFL, speed kills but heart wins. I wonder who will be the next Tom Brady or Tim Tebow that will come into the NFL with no expectations because he didn’t perform the best at the combine, but with all the heart to win the starting job and help the franchise win.

With the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine officially underway (although drills don’t begin until Saturday), stay tuned to NFL Network for complete coverage all weekend, and keep up with’s combine blog. Plus, NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock offers a full explanation of the six combine drills: the 40-yard dash, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, three-cone and shuttle run. There is a lot of talent this year, one the best classes in a while according to analyst, so tune in. Good luck to all those who are preparing for the next step in their football careers!


2 Comments on Getting ready for the next level

  1. Great blog man. Look at Jerry Rice who some coaches avoided because of his slow 40 time, or the workout warrior Mike Mamula for the Philadelphia Eagles who sky-rocketed up the draft board because of his great combine. Everything is based on intelligence, mechanics, and heart. Tim Tebow just happens to lack the mechanics lol. I would also make sure when you post a picture to make sure you caption who took the photo to avoid copyright. I also have a blog at as well.


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