A “National Signing Day” Perspective

signing_day_photo National Signing Day has become a huge event for not only college programs but media outlets. ESPN has made national signing day like the NFL draft of college. There are interviews with the players about where they will sign, why they signed, and what were there choices. It is really national coverage of these high school athletes. And I am not going to lie, it is kind of exciting to see so much importance and awareness being brought to the college these athletes sign to.  This coverage keeps the culture of college football exciting. Sometimes the top rank classes don't pan out to be great players, while those who were overlooked and not highly recruited work that much harder to prove themselves. Either way, it is an exciting time for the fans of these universities.

Signing that acceptance letter is one of the best feelings you can have as a young man. I remember my singing day like it was yesterday. I had all my close friends, family, and teammates there to watch me sign the letter and accept my scholarship to MINNESOTA! It was a great day and a good feeling to know that you are going to play college ball. You are going to be apart of something bigger than you! No longer are you the best athlete around, you will have to compete with players who were also all-stars for their high school team. For some players, it will be a reality check to humble yourself, and for others it will make them work that much harder to show that they can play college ball and play it at a high level.

I check every year to see the new players going to college. Check out the new recruits from my Alma Mater University of Minnesota.

I know most of these athletes are happy the recruiting stress is over. Coaches call your house all the time, emailing you, texting you, and local media harassing you about where do you think you going to school. It can be an overwhelming experience. Especially as you try to have a good season as well as making sure you are all set academically ( ACT or SAT scores are good with an eligible GPA). It takes a lot of focus to be a great athlete and stay up on your studies. Don’t let that mindset get away from you as you go to college.

Not everyone is fortunate to get full scholarships to these major Universities so take advantage of it.  Those 4 to 5 years will go by so fast, so cherish every moment. Enjoy your time with your teammates and coaches and fans. You have up to 5 years of school paid for and the chance to play big time ball. Use your resources to become not only the best athlete that you can be, but also the best student you can be.  For those not fortunate to be good enough to make it to the next level, it is vital that you take advantage of that scholarship and get the most out of your education. These are the best times of your life so go out and enjoy it as much as you can!


1 Comment on A “National Signing Day” Perspective

  1. Very good post young man.


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