Dream Teams

So you don't wanna see people team up to create an advantage huh? Well at this point, it is inevitable. Not only is it happening in basketball (with the infamous "I'm taking my talents to South Beach" Miami Heat) but it is also happening with baseball and football. I mean if you can chose your team you could be on, wouldn't you want to play with the best players??? I mean HONESTLY??? You all know that when you were playing pick up games anywhere and you were a captain, you tried to pick the best players on your team. And if you had it your way all the time, you have a team with pros vs. scrubs. I know I'm not the only one that thought like that, am I? You wanted to win and you felt that having the best players gave you a chance to win. Well in a world of professional sports, it was hard to have a team of all the best players, until as of late. Free Agency has become the death of Owner's Association to their athletes. Not only do they have to pay them unbearable amounts of money, they have to win the bidding war for their services, while in the back of the players head, he is thinking about the best possible scenario for him to get paid as well team up with the best players to win a championship. Trying to create a team around one superstar or a few marquee players has become harder because these "Dream Teams" are making it hard to even compete.  And that not only effects the other teams, but it also effects the star players on those teams. For instance in the NBA, after the Heat teamed up, players like Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Dwight Howard  all expressed their interest to team up with superstar players because their team isn't satisfying their needs. Are the days of a balanced team gone??

Teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Celtics changed the way athletes view how to win a championship. No longer would there be a feeling that with a bunch of key players you could win a championship. It all changed to the ideology that by teaming up with the best players, you will have a far better chance of winning a championship. And let’s face it, after a few years of getting some real good money, the game becomes less about the money and more about winning championships. These players are willing do whatever it takes to get that ring, even if they have to take a pay cut just to play with the best players. It is like forming the USA Olympic teams to face the rest of the teams in their perspective league. And if you ask most athletes now, they will take millions of dollars in pay cut to get it accomplished.

However, so far just teaming up with the best players has not translated to guaranteed championships. It took the Yankees a while to get a championship after forming their so called “Dream Team”. The Miami heat made it the Finals last year and lost to the veteran Mavericks team. The Philadelphia Eagles tagged themselves as the “Dream Team”of the NFL and forgot to show up for this season, not even making the playoffs. Boston has won one championship when they first met up but have failed to do so since then. In the meantime, the standard teams with key players have showed that they can still win championships without teaming up with superstar counterparts. I mean look who is in the Superbowl right now. Two teams (The Giants and Patriots, even though I do not want to see this Superbowl again) that play unselfishly and as a team with mostly low profile athletes and a few superstars.

Last years World Series win from the St. Louis Cardinals signified the definition a of team win. They have a number of role players that come in and do their job and everyone contribution attributed to the championship. Not to take anything away from the Texas Rangers as well, they are a complete team as well, having been to the World series 2 years in a row (beating the Yankees both years). Both of those teams had one or two marquee guys and the rest were mostly role players. They showed team chemistry is better than selfish superstar play. Which is another reason why I don’t like that Puljos left the Cardinals for the Angels. Taking $250 to play in a marquee city with a somewhat superstar team is all fine and dandy, but what about the players and city that helped build your career and got you 2 championships out of 3 times. This might have influenced Prince Fielder to team up with some great players in Detroit as well.  I don’t know if it is because the American League in baseball offers the DH that makes it so attractive to sign a long term contract there or if it is the factor of teaming up with great players.But like I said before, teaming up is not only happening with basketball, it is happening with baseball and football.

With all that being said, I am not necessarily of fan of having the best players on the same team anymore. I find it more enjoyable to watch a game when the competition is balanced and the winner could go either way. Then, strategy really comes to play because the other team is just as good as yours.  Building teams around one or two great players is the best way to do it in my opinion. Or even if you don’t have that marquee guy, if you have players that know how to play and play as a team, I believe you can win. I am a Denver Nuggets fan and I jumped on the New York bandwagon once Carmelo Anthony left ( I admit it) but if you really look at it, and I hate to say it, the Nuggets look like a way better team without him. They play together and everyone contributes and they never know who’s number will get called on any given night. That why their record is better than the Knicks right now. Forming a Dream Team is not the immediate answer to these superstars problems. And I guarantee you that I the next upcoming years, more regular competitive teams will have championships than these so called “Dream Teams.”


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