The future of Penn State football

With the debacle of what happened with Penn State football this year, it is hard to see how the future will turn out. As of now, the Paterno name is tarnished and for the first time in over 62 years, there will not be a Paterno at Penn State University. To me it is hard to imagine the program without him, the legacy he built is now tainted but from talking to most people from the university, they still have love for Paterno. However, because of the predicament they were put in they had to make drastic changes for the image of the university. Check Paterno's reaction to the scandal here.

From the moment Sandusky did what he did, they should have known that everyone around at the time was going to go down with him. Penn State has a whole lot of issues to take care as a University, and with that being said they wanted to begin with a new slate. No longer would the Paterno name rule the University. With the Athletic Director and President under scrutiny, a new AD was appointed to handle the hiring of the next Penn State Coach.  All indications would lead you to believe that Joe’s son, Scott, would take over the reigns. But the University saw otherwise and hired a coach that was not even on Penn States radar, Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. Now the full fledged expulsion of the Paterno family has taken place, and students and players at the University are not happy.

There is no telling what the future holds for the university and the football program. Last year Penn State contended for a Big Ten Title, and now, well let’s not call it a rebuilding, let’s call it renaming. Penn State is attempting to rename the university from all of its flaws, rename it from the Paterno named that has stood for so long, rename it for the possibility of trying to get players to even come play for the school after what happened. Check out these articles about the outing of Paterno to the future of Penn State.

On a side note, former University of Minnesota and Auburn University Defensive Coordinator Ted Roof is taking over the defensive for Penn State. Coach Roof is a real good guy and an awesome coach. I really enjoyed playing for him and I wish him the best of luck!



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