Show Me the Money!!!

football-money Ok so college football is fast approaching and we are reminded once again about an issue that steadily comes up. Just recently, USC's Senior running back Marc Tyler was caught outside of a club saying these words to the world and the NCAA... Granted he was slammed and he was joking around, but even through the joke, you know there is some truth in it. And of course he should have known better because of all the sanctions that USC currently holds for all the payments that were being made to Reggie Busch.  The kid made a dumb comment and is suffering the consequences, and I am happy he is suspended for the first game. That first game is against my Alma Mater, University of Minnesota.  This may give us a better chance to win. Go Gophers!!

However, this does not erase the fact that this type of stuff goes on all the time.  This is just another story of the recent activity being caught by the NCAA.  LSU just got a 1 year probation for a recruiting violation, giving a player transportation and housing to come to their school. Ohio State had a whole slew of sanctions brought down on them, which led to Jim Tresell resigning.  Auburn underwent investigation for the recruitment of Cam Newton and some others on the team.  And this is all just this year.

Terrell Pryor and Jim Tresell

Terrell Pryor and Jim Tresell

ESPN put out a great 30 for 30 episode called Pony Express. It explained an in-depth look at recruiting scandals and payment of players in colleges in the Southwest Conference at the time. If you can, take a look at it.  Some of the things that were going on in that film are still going on today.

College football is a billion dollar market for these Universities. Mostly at big name and big money programs, these type of payments and privileges happen.  And if you really look at it, it is not the athletes fault. Most of these kids come from backgrounds and circumstance where they have nothing and going to college and playing football is an opportunity for them and their family. That may be why some athletes chose to go to the school with the most benefits for them.  Yes some of the kids sound spoiled and are led down the wrong mindset about life, things being handed to them, but even the athletes who come from a good back ground feel them same, they should get paid.

The coaches and administrators and the NCAA know that college football is more than just a regular college sport. A lot of money is spent and made off the sports and its athletes.  Memorabilia is sold to the fans showcasing the athletes and the athletes receive nothing for it.  TV revenue is made. Advertisement of conference and players are composed. Endorsement deals are made for the team (Nike, Under Armor, Gatorade, Coke). And all the players have to do is go to class and come to practice. Sounds easy right.

Well I know from first hand experience that it isn’t easy being a college football player. Despite popular belief, things were not handed to us. Being a full-time student and a full-time student is like a full-time job. However, there is no compensation for our contribution to the University. And we are not allowed to or don’t have the time to get another job during the year so we are free labor slaves. A report from the Associated Press said that college football programs made an average of $48.3 million last year alone.  Seriously, where do you think all that money goes to. Most is to the University, but the rest is left to the football program.

So when you continue to see these stories about athletes getting paid and receiving privileges, think about it in their perspective and how you actually contribute to the University making money that should also be given to the athletes.  I think it’s about time for these players to get paid.
When you can take a look at this video and comment back on my blog. Thanks


3 Comments on Show Me the Money!!!

  1. Looks like somebody is either bitter that they didn’t get paid or they are telling us they got paid either way looks like Minnesota needs an investigation. Ill say this I do understand that theses universities make large ammounts of money off of the football program and other sports but I think the main issue is the fact that people are losing sight of what the main purpose is in COLLEGE football. If I understand right COLLEGE is where you go after high school to further educate yourself. People make such an emphasis on the sports that they forget about the classroom. I understand where your saying that you aren’t allowed to work but your receiving a free education and providing a service to the school I remember you saying yourself that you used football as a means for a free education. Is it fair that athleats get paid and get a free education (those that actually go to class or stay more than 2 years) when normal students might receive partial scholarships but have to take out loans and face being in debt after college. Is it fair that these top notch players get payed during college years then go on to the next level to make millions. I’m not saying they don’t deserve certain those things like free meals some shoes and things like that I know a guy who played at a big D1 school who got a free X Box360

    • Haha. Minnesota needs no investigation believe me! And yes I understand that we are giving a free education and housing on campus for our service. I appreciated what we got, but when I look at the big picture, we were kind of getting hustled for our services because what we do provides so much money for the university. Am I saying we all should get contracts, no. But we should receive something to help us maintain a good living. I know some players that couldn’t buy groceries in the offseason because they had no money. I know some guys who wanted to get jobs and internships to help further their education and opportunities to land careers after college. However, the schedule and football program would not allow it so they became chained by football. And college football is a HUGE Market, the biggest in college. This is just my perspective coming from a former college football player myself.

  2. I understand what you are talking about becuase I was a student-athlete myself, but a free education out weighs everything for me. Also, think about how big a football team is, maybe 80% of the team is on full ride. That’s a lot of money for each one of those athletes to go to school and housing !. It cost to travels to games, hotels, food, uniforms, hosting, etc, so even through College football is bring in a lot of money , they are taking out a lot more. ..If each player has a contract then College football will have a lockout just like the NFL for the same reasons. MONEY!!. Paying off Student- athletic would take all the fun out it for the fans and the players. The players at first would like all the money but with money comes stress. It would be all business and play! I’ve seen a lot of the college football boys they are not ready for a contract!


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