Everyone deserves a second chance. No one in this world is perfect by any means and we as human beings make mistakes sometimes.  With some of those mistakes, we suffer consequences.  Some harsher than others but when we are done with the consequences we trout down the road for redemption.  However, for regular middle class to low-class people, when you do something that causes you public scrutiny and or arrest, our reputation and record is ruined for life. And good look getting a job at that.  Just imagine filling out a job application and you get to the part where it says "Have you ever been convicted on a felony," and you know its going to diminish your chances of landing that job. Well for sports figures and entertainers, getting back to glory is really easy. I have never personally be affected by this but I can understand where us regular people envy Sports Athletes and Entertainers.

Athletes and Entertainers may feel like they are above the law at times, but the way that things happen for them, they have every right to believe they are above the law.  For the time that they make the mistake, depending on the severity of it, they are scrutinized and lashed out at. However, when they suffer the consequences, and in most cases is a less harsh consequence than normal, they are praised when it is over and once they get back to doing what they were doing before they got in trouble, people forget about the thing they did.

Entertainers, especially hip hop artists, go from the bottom to the top all the time. Just this past two years, Lil Wayne, T.I., and Gucci Mane all went to jail for crimes and once they got out went back to work and made millions again. As well as picking up sponsors and endorsements. It seems as if everyone was just waiting on them to get out so they can make more music and get back on top.

Chris Brown Pleads Guilty in Rihanna Case Sentenced to Community_Service

Also recently, Chris Brown’s domestic abuse charge on Rihanna seems to be forgotten because he served his time and got back to his job and got back on top. It seems everyone forgot about the situation and loves him once again.  Good for him but at the same time, he beat a woman and only got community service as a sentence and then got back to work. Go figure..

In the sports world this happens so often as well.  Look at Michael Vick. He went from being the top guy for the NFL to the bottom of the food chain when he got convicted for animal abuse with dog fighting.  A lot of people hated Michael Vick for what he did and was happy when he had to serve time.  He took his conviction and got out and immediately he had teams ready to take him for his services.  Of course he took advantage of his opportunity to get back on top, the door never closed for him. He lost all his endorsements, including Nike, and a lot of money, but got it all back in one season.  Nike announce this year that they are resigning Vick to an endorsement deal. He knew while he was in jail that when he got out, he would be back in the NFL and on top.

Plaxico Went to Jail for violating New Yorks fire arms policy when he shot himself in a New York club.

Now the NFL wants to link Vick’s success story to Plaxico Burress. He will get the opportunity to play for a team once the Lockout ends. While in jail, he had faith as well that he would be back in the NFL. That will become a reality before the summer’s end.  Now these guys have surely learned from their mistakes  and even has Tony Dungy as an ambassador.  But it seems that the path was already laid out for these guys.

Donte Stallworth received 30 days in jail for DUI manslaughter.

Donte Stallworth is also a NFL wide receiver and he got 30 days in jail for killing someone while driving drunk.  This was back in 2009. Not only was the penalty such a joke for manslaughter, this player is still in the NFL and got back on a team the very next year…

Even corporate high rollers do not get the benefits of having a million dollar job waiting for them when they get out of jail!

I am by no means downplaying how hard these guys worked to get back on top, but their bottom well from which they fell to is a lot higher than the rest of America.  And yes, they are above the law.



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